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Pytch is an online programming environment to help learners bridge the gap from Scratch to Python.  Learners often find the leap from block-based to text-based programming challenging, as they have to make two big changes at once to how they write programs.  First, they have to learn how to carefully type text to express their ideas, rather than assembling blocks.  And second, they often have to write completely different kinds of programs, without the engaging graphics and sound they’re used to from Scratch.  Pytch lets learners keep their skills, experience, and intuition in writing Scratch programs, while learning to express the code as Python text.

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Join our co-creation activities and our evaluation study to help us improving Pytch with your feedback and experience. Write us an email to learn more!

Start your Pytch journey now to learn more about Python and create your own Pytch projects! Then share your Pytch zip files and feedback with us!

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Get in touch to have access to a Pytch five lessons scheme of work outline. The scheme of work is intended for students who have some basic knowledge of Scratch (sprites and scripts; ideally some exposure to broadcasts and clones). No prior exposure to Python or text-based programming is assumed.

Get in touch to get involved in our co-creation activities with your students & support us adding new useful features within Pytch.